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The Book Log SFF
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Discussions about books
The Book Log SFF is a community featuring monthly discussions about books belonging to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre.

Every month, a list of books will be nominated by community members, and votes will be made to pick 2 novels for this month. After a time to get and read them, the books will be discussed together, and voted about (things like general opinion of the book, favourite character, interesting themes, and whichever ideas and issues may show up in the discussions).

We are currently reading The Telling by Ursula K. Leguin & The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold


Demanor rules

#1- Discussion, debate and disagreement are welcome. Rudeness, insults and ad-hominen attacks aren't. Neither are racism, sexism and homophobia. Repeated impolite behaviour will result in banning.

#2- Spam will result in immediate banning.

#3- Spoilers for the books read should always be kept under a lj-cut. Spoilers for other works (be they books or other media) should always be warned about and hidden by a white-out (surrounded by < font color = " white " > your spoiler text here < / font > without the space) so that they can only be seen by selecting the text.

Nomination rules

#4- So as to encourage participation, only people who participated with at least one On Topic comment to previous discussions will be allowed to nominate books (except for the first round where everyone can nominate).

#5 You can nominate up to 3 works

#6 Books have to belong to the speculative ficton, science-fiction, fantasy or horror genre. It is left to your discretion what that means exactly.

#7 Books have to be accessible in the English language (they can be translated though).

#8 It's better if the books are not out-of-order, but you can nominate books which are difficult to find, provided you warn us about it.

#9 You can nominate graphic novels if you want (just warn us about it).

#10 You can nominate short stories anthology if you want (just warn us about it).

#11 For the momment, only original works and works published in paper format can be nominated (we'll see later about opening that up to fanfics or novels accessible on the internet).

#12 If you want to nominate a series, it's left to your discretion whether to nominate the whole series of books, or only one volume. However be realistic about it : we won't be reading a ten-volumes story in one month. If only one volume do constitute a self-contained story, it's better to nominate it (for example, in the Vorkosigan series, the Taltos series, the Kushiel series... independant volumes do stand alone); but if it's one story broken down in separate volumes, it's better to nominate the whole series. In all cases, warn us about the fact it's a series.

#13 You don't have to have already read the book to nominate it. It might be just a book you heard about and though would be interesting for whatever reason.

#14 When you nominate a book, you must specify :
Title: (title of the work)
Author: (author(s) of the work)
Presentation: (give us a link to a website that presents the book (like the Amazon page for the book, or anything similar))
Why: (why you think that novel would make an interesting read, why the people ought to vote to pick this one!)

Reading rules

#15- Two books are chosen every month, for variety's sake, but you don't have to read both of them.

#16- If you've already read one book, you don't have to re-read it if you want and you feel it's still fresh in your memory.

#17- We'll try to follow the calendar, but we won't start the discussions about the book until the two third of the participants tell us they've finished reading it.

Other rules

#18- Suggestions about the running of the communities are welcome (and should be made at this post).

#19- If you have a community which you want to affiliate with this one, send me an e-mail.

#20- Have fun! (or else...)

First nomination : 26th November to 2nd December
First vote : 3rd December to 5th December
First reading period : 6th December to 26th December
First discussion & polling : 27th December to 10th January
(calendar may change depending on participation and people's feedback)

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